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Member News allows the Museum to provide its' members with current and up to date information regarding any special events and/or programs, meeting and work schedules, work projects or any other type of information that would be important for members or those who may want to join the museum.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the South Carolina Railroad Museum, please click here for more information.

What's happening at SCRM?

- Schedule of Activities
- Meeting Information
- Train Crew Certification
- Museum Newsletters
- Projects

Schedule of Activities

July 2015 Saturday July 4
- Operating Day
Saturday July 11
- Operating Day
- Work Day
Saturday July 18
- Operating Day
- BBQ Train
- Board of Trustees Meeting
Saturday July 25
- Operating Day
August 2015 Saturday August 1
- Operating Day
Saturday August 8
- Operating Day
- Board of Trustees Meeting
Saturday August 15
- Operating Day
- BBQ Train
Saturday August 22
- Operating Day
Saturday August 29
- Operating Day
September 2015 Saturday September 5
- Work Day
Saturday September 12
- Membership Meeting at 10:00 AM
- Board of Trustees Meeting at 1:00 PM
- Work Day
Saturday September 19
- Work Day
- BBQ Train
Saturday September 26
- Work Day

Meeting Information

2015 SCRM Annual Membership Meeting

The SCRM Annual Membership Meeting will be at the Rion Office building at 10 AM on January 17, 2015.

Elections will be held for Board Members and a review of 2014 will be presented. All members and guests are welcome.

Board of Trustees Meetings

Board meetings are held at Rion Office building normally from 10am - until unless otherwise noted.
Museum members are allowed to attend and observe the meetings (please enter/exit quietly).
Please contact the Board Secretary at info@scrm.org for a copy of board meeting minutes.

Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are held at Rion Office building from 10am - until.

Train Crew Certification

All train operations at the Museum are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Railroad Adminstration (FRA). As part of meeting the FRA requirments, all train crew members which are Engineers, Conductors and Brakemen must take annual training classes normally held in the spring of each year which consists of classroom time, closed book testing on the Museumís Book of Operating Rules and Timetable, and hands on training with review. During the year, random in the field testing is also done with all train crew members.

If you are intersted in becoming a part of the Museumís train crew, please contact Rodger Stroup, Superintendent of Railroad Operations.

Museum Newsletters

Click on the links below to view and/or print the Museum's Newsletters using Adobe PDF format.

Volume 38 Issue 1 Winter 2010
Volume 38 Issue 2 Spring 2010
Volume 38 Issue 3 Summer 2010
Volume 38 Issue 4 Fall 2010

Volume 39 Issue 1 Winter 2011
Volume 39 Issue 2 Spring 2011
Volume 39 Issue 3 Summer 2011
Volume 39 Issue 4 Fall 2011

Volume 40 Issue 1 Winter 2012
Volume 40 Issue 2 Spring 2012
Volume 40 Issue 3 Summer 2012
Volume 40 Issue 4 Fall 2012

Volume 41 Issue 1 Winter 2013
Volume 41 Issue 2 Spring 2013
Volume 41 Issue 3 Summer 2013
Volume 41 Issue 4 Fall 2013

Volume 42 Issue 1 Winter 2014
Volume 42 Issue 2 Spring 2014
Volume 42 Issue 3 Summer 2014
Volume 42 Issue 4 Fall 2014

Volume 43 Issue 1 Winter 2015
Volume 43 Issue 2 Spring 2015

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it can be easily downloaded by clicking here on Download Adobe Acrobat.

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